Thank you

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my gift and Mrs Partridges gift at the end of term. It was very generous of you all.

It has been a real honour teaching your children for the last 2 years. I hope you all have a lovely summer.

Books and belongings

All the exercise books belonging to the children have been placed in the office if your child has not returned to school. You have to 3.30 on Tuesday to collect them or they will be discarded.

If your child is in school they will bring them home with them at the end of their session today.

Class picture

Susan Hirt has kindly offered to make a class picture. She has contacted everyone to ask for a picture.

If you have not received a message please send a picture of your child to

All the children so far have had their picture taken along the fence outside school so would be wonderful if you could do the same.